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Active Characters (Past Month): 212

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Multi Theft Auto Roleplay - Server Stats
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Server Information

Total Accounts Registered: 75,386
Total Roleplay Plus Members: 6
Total hours played: 563,460
Latest Account Registered was: Psyhoteq
Total unused vPoints in the server: 58,882
Total Characters Created: 59,296
Total CK'd Characters 4,094
Latest Character Created was: Bubi_Muciho
Character with the most hours: Frank_Vercetti Hours: 4,800 Still Alive? Yes
Most active Character this week: Adam_Belton With 8 hours
Most active Character this month: Adam_Belton With 82 hours
Total money in the Bank of Los Santos: $2,359,097,820

Characters with the most Hours:
Character Name Total Hours
Frank_Vercetti - Alive 4,800
Blake_Jackson - Alive 3,461
Jace_Jackson - Alive 2,726
Jimmie_Jackson - Alive 2,573
Jeff_Greene - Alive 2,140

Richest People in the Server:
Character Name Net Worth
Kevin_Carter $143,975,160
Jimmie_Jackson $88,008,732
Jessie_Parkman $80,173,114
Melissa_Hunter $76,062,458
Blake_Jackson $62,775,490

Vehicle Information

Total Vehicles In Game: 4,145
Total KM Driven in the server: 2,278,995,511Km (not including deleted cars)
Total Vehicles Impounded to date: 38,312

Property Information

Total Interiors In Game: 4,835
Interiors For Sale: 3,884
Unpaid Business Profit: $16,148,007
Total Property Net Worth: $634,257,483

Donation Information

Total Donations To Date: 2,854
Last Donator was: AdamZZ Donated: $5 On: 2018-11-24 17:03:50
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Admin Information

Total Jails Issued: 17,110
Last Jail: Admin Kane Brogan Jailed: Matthew Kulczycki For: 35 Minutes. Reason: Advertising un-necessary adverts (warned already)
Total Warns Issued: 1,415
Last Warn: Admin Roberto Jones Warned: Ryan Mark Reason: Trolling
Total Bans Issued: 1,601
Last Ban: Admin Kane Brogan Banned: KeksBG Reason/Time: Changing currency via inspect element to gain more vpoints for a cheaper price